Cloud unchecked:
growing pains
and risks

Cloud computing places all the resources needed to develop, test and launch new applications and services a few clicks away. For large enterprises, especially those in highly regulated industries like financial services, this is precisely what introduces the biggest risks. Cloud consumption can quickly spiral out of control. And without proper operational controls and processes, so, too, can security and compliance.

Plus, despite the maturity of cloud computing, leaders across industries remain confused about the way cloud platforms work. That’s true of all the leading (and proven) platforms, including AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Too often, companies adopt the cloud with an app-centric or one-off approach that doesn’t serve the larger organization. Ad hoc cloud use expands quickly with little planning or control. Risks grow just as fast. The four top risks are shadow IT, unsecured data, technical debt and consumption woes. Let’s look at them…

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