Essential cloud
best practices
for banks

Cloud computing has changed the underlying principles of building and running IT applications. To succeed in the adoption of cloud at scale, it's crucial to initially secure the fundamentals in place to avoid risks, such as technical debt.

It's one thing to migrate a single application to the cloud, but another to achieve cloud at scale. Cloud at scale takes advantage of the elasticity of the cloud to handle more traffic (“scaling out”). It also heightens the ability to scale up, yielding increased release and innovation speed. When successful, the cloud transforms the entire enterprise, making it more agile and able to improve the customer experience. Moving to the cloud should also improve a banka's security posture and support governance and compliance requirements.

Based on our extensive experience helping leading banks and other financial services companies migrate to the cloud, we've established several best practices for deploying cloud at scale. These best practices can help initiatives move forward without compromising security or the customer experience.

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