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How Amdocs Catalog helps drive the business

A whole new kind of catalog

Amdocs Catalog presents a whole new way to accelerate time to market for innovative products and services with unprecedented ease and speed.

Enables every stakeholder to configure and launch new products and services, pricing, channels, segments and more – in just minutes.

No code. No deployment overhead.

Driven by decoupled, cloud-native architecture for unmatched flexibility and a low operational footprint.

With its openness, Amdocs Catalog can serve as a central catalog for any line of business and partner. It provides clarity, enabling collaboration both within the organization, as well as with third-party partners.

It also ensures consistent product definitions, activation flow, charging, billing and more.

In addition, Amdocs Catalog offers runtime services, the ability to launch offers into production at the touch of a button, and the ability to configure once for launching to all channels, including self-service, mobile, the B2B portal and more.


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