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How Amdocs Catalog helps drive the business

Clarity & consolidation with Amdocs Catalog Centralized

Amdocs Catalog Centralized is a standalone application. It centralizes multiple local catalogs and applies a consistent and unified data model to the many pricing, charging and billing rules. It can include the Charging Catalog only, or both Charging and Commerce Catalogs.

It integrates to all service provider applications (e.g. billing, charging, etc.) and can serve as a master catalog. This enables centralized authoring for a newly unified ecosystem, publishing catalog information to multiple consuming applications and optionally, to various embedded catalogs.

The solution can also be integrated down to the network level to define and create resources and services, and enable catalog consolidation for any environment.

With its intuitive UI, Amdocs Catalog Centralized profoundly simplifies the process of implementing, extending, validating and approving complex pricing logic, rules and data, ensuring data consistency across all LoBs.

Online catalog services

Collaborative authoring

Testing automation

A/B testing

Auto-release management

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